The Springfield Anglican College(春田聖公會學院)

The Springfield Anglican College


The Springfield Anglican College is an Independent, Anglican Church School in which Christian values underpin all that we do. In 2017 the College is Kindergarten to Year Twelve with approximately 880 students, with 88 places available in The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten.

As a College, we are committed to a holistic approach to educating the mind, body and spirit of our students. We seek to assist them achieve their potential and develop character which will position them to take up positive and active roles in society as adults.

We encourage all students to strive to do their best academically, and have a learning analytics program which ensures that all students are offered academic programs which are suited to their individual needs. To assist in this, the College offers a broad range of academic subjects, has well established links with a range of universities and other educational providers, and has a strong focus on Extension and Enrichment opportunities across both campuses. We are extremely proud of the academic outcomes that our students achieve.

We believe that participating in a varied co-curriculum is an important way in which our students can flourish. As such, our College has thriving programs in Sport and Creative Arts, and other specialist areas, allowing students the opportunity to participate in and learn from an enormous range of activities. We compete in the Saturday sports competition, and have numerous concerts, performances and arts programs in which students can participate.

As a College we have high expectations and high standards. We believe in a disciplined and values based learning environment, in which students are guided and nurtured at each stage of their education. Our pastoral care program, delivered through Heads of School and form teachers, provides a supportive and caring environment in which your child can be happy, safe and free to concentrate on being successful.

I am confident that you will be impressed with The Springfield Anglican College. To arrange an interview or a tour of the College please contact our Enrolments Manager, Mrs Bonita Marshall on 3818 5777.

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