Queensland Academy for Health Sciences(昆士蘭健康科學學院)

Queensland Academy for Health Sciences


基本資料 | Information

We are dedicated to empowering Queensland’s brightest students in a collaborative, high expectation and supportive educational environment to realise their potential through a world class curriculum, with outstanding educators and excellent facilities.

制服介紹 | Uniform Intro

We care about our school community and our image and reputation in it. Our reputation is smart, innovative, professional and aspires to be world class.

Every member of our Academy community must accept responsibility for our image and fostering a positive reputation in the corporate, and wider community.

Our uniform, how we wear it and conduct ourselves in public sends a very important message about our standards and values as individuals and as a learning community.

Our high standard of presentation and protocols associated with our uniform apply at all times when representing the Academy and includes attendance at off-campus activities and at participation in Griffith University programs.

校園 | Campus