Leeming Senior High School

Leeming Senior High School

Leeming Senior High School

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The school was established in 1985[1] and caters for students in Year 7 to 12.

The number of student enrolments has declined over the last five years. The school enrolled 1147 students in 2007, then 1074 in 2008, to 1018 in 2009, then fell to 882 in 2010 and to 809 in 2011. The fall in student numbers from 2010 is a result of the enrolment age changing for students entering high school in Western Australia.

The school received substantial funding as part of the "Becoming Asia Literate" program in 2010.

The school was ranked in the top 50 Western Australian schools by Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for 2015 by percentage.

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