St Dominic's Priory College

St Dominic's Priory College

St Dominic

Our school community shares a commitment to the following values and goals:

The Gospel of Jesus. The development of the person finds its fulfilment in Jesus Christ and the values of the Gospel.

The primary role of parents as educators.

The integration of the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Faith into daily life.

The value of each person in the community and the importance of promoting each person's selfesteem in a secure and loving environment.

The education of girls in an environment fully supportive of their learning needs and aspirations.

The value of inner discipline in the development of character and in the achievement of individual excellence.

The provision of a balanced education where spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth are seen as complementary.

The value of joy and enthusiasm in the school's daily life.

The importance of student outreach in service to the wider community.

A pride and engagement in the school's Dominican traditions and approach to education.

A recognition and appreciation of the school's cultural diversity.

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