Tagai State College

Tagai State College

Tagai State College

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Tagai State College acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Torres Strait Nation , and pays respect to our Elders, past and present.

The people throughout the Torres Strait are united by their connection to the stars of the Tagai. The Tagai consists of stories which are the cornerstone of Torres Strait Islanders' spiritual beliefs. These stories focus on the origins of these stars and identify Torres Strait Islanders as sea people who share a common way of life. The movements of Tagai across the sky instruct the world order, predicting new seasons and ensuring everything has a place.

Tagai State College is committed to providing education and training services to the Torres Strait Nation that are holistic and designed to respond to the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of every child.

The Torres Strait Islanders Regional Education Council (TSIREC) was formed in 1981 as an educational advocacy body, representing the interest of the Torres Strait Region, including Northern Peninsular Area. TSIREC has continued to connect the Torres Strait community with key government officials for almost 30 years, providing advice through Departmental reforms and strategic policy development.

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