The Leadership College(領導者學院)

The Leadership College


基本資料 | Information

On the 18th January 2010, The Leadership College opened in Manenberg with an inaugural class of 40 leaders. TLC as it is commonly known, is a completely free school where learners receive uniform, stationery, excursions, etc. for free. The school was opened for those learners who are extremely good academically but cannot afford to attend a good school, so these kids slip through the cracks and take over the reigns of the drug and gang lords. When the school started, it was located at a local Mosque, but each year when the school grew, Mrs. Norton had find an alternative premises. This is when she got permission to lease a premises from the Child Welfare Society in Manenberg. The school is located in Manenberg so that learners do not have any difficulty in attending school every day.

制服介紹 | Uniform Intro

校園 | Campus