Lodge Group of Schools

Lodge Group of Schools

Lodge Group of Schools

Lodge Group of Schools provides a very friendly and conducive environment for learning. Each student is well cared for under the guidance of well disciplined, experienced and dedicated teachers. The virtue of good character, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, respect, appreciation and the desire to learn are cultivated in each child nurturing them into a wholesome person.

Lodge Group of Schools is run by the non-profit making Lodge School Association. Every parent is a member of Lodge School Association. The Association elects new Board members every two years.

The BADGE of the SCHOOL is be a circle edged in blue bearing a white globe with the letters LPS in red at the centre. The globe rests on a black T-shaped stand. Above the globe is the name of the Association in Bahasa Malaysia and below it the School Motto "Learn, Persevere, Succeed". The background of the logo is white. The globe reflects the school's international community.

The letters PSL in red (short for Persatuan Sekolah Lodge) form the eternal flame or torch of learning which reflects the School Motto "Learn, Persevere, Succeed". The colours blue, red and white represent the enterprising spirit in which the School was started by some expatriate parents for their children in 1953 and which has since grown to establish itself as one of the prestigious schools in the State.

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