Our Lady's School

Our Lady's School

Our Lady

History and Ethos
Our Lady’s School was founded in 1953 by the Religious of Christian Education, a congregation originating in Normandy in the aftermath of the French Revolution. The educational tradition of the Congregation is to create conditions in which each pupil can attain her full potential and develop her personal gifts and talents.

Mission Statement
Our Lady’s School is a community that embraces Christian values. The education it provides is rooted in a deep sense of faith.

We aim to create a positive inclusive environment which enables everyone to reach their full potential. We promote mutual respect within the school community and strive to provide a happy and secure atmosphere which fosters a love of learning.

We encourage the development of the whole person, by fostering the personal, spiritual and moral development of every student. The realisation of individual talents and academic excellence is paramount.

We aim to create a friendly, healthy, safe and caring environment which affirms our pride in the school.

We promote the development of the necessary skills so that students may become responsible members of society. It is our wish to see every student leave Our Lady’s School with moral integrity and a heightened sense of social conscience.

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