Ringsend College

Ringsend College

Ringsend College

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Ringsend College was formally known as Ringsend Technical Institute. Originally the Institute was set up to cater for apprenticeships for young boys and held a excellent reputation for excellent graduates in many trades.

In the 1980s and 1990s Ringsend Technical Institute became a major centre for Repeat Leaving Certificate students with students queuing around the block to register for the RLC classes. At its height the Institute had over 300 RLC students.

Ringsend College currently runs a Second Level School catering for students from 1st Year to 6th Year which includes a compulsory 4th Year Transition Year Programme. The importance of the past is not forgotten as we offer technical subjects as options including Metalwork and Engineering, Woodwork, Home Economics and Technical Graphics.

There are also full-time Further Education courses which consiste of full-time FIT/VTOS and part-time courses for BTEI students. There is a vibrant Night School offering a wide and varied choice of classes to take. We have a strong IT focus across all of our courses with important links to industry.

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