Wickham Court School

Wickham Court School

Wickham Court School

Wickham Court is the ancestral home of the Heydon and Boleyn families since the 15th Century and was the backdrop as King Henry VIII proposed to the enchanting Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I.

We are so lucky to have our school here, as in the past five centuries, it has been the setting for many historic events and a place dedicated to the highest order of human aspiration. The sounds and sight of your child playing is us making our own part of history...

Since the 11th Century, there has been a manor house on this site, in close proximity to Roman and Iron Age sites. The oldest part of the current house date back to 1469, when Henry Heydon built his house at the height of the Wars of the Roses, and so its fortifications resemble more of a castle than a manor house.

After being sold by the Heydon Family to John Lennard in 1579, his descendants owned the house until 1929 and was remodelled several times. In 1929, Sir Stephen Lennard emigrated to Canada, and so Wickham Court became a hotel, before being commandeered by the Army in the Second World War for use as offices and accommodation.

Since then, Wickham Court has been home to one or another educational establishment. First, it was home to Coloma College of Education in 1952, then from 1978 to 1996, home to Schiller International University.

So, after so much history, our school provides a wonderful environment seeped in historical interest for your child to learn and flourish in safely. The vast school grounds serve an important part of your child’s education, as we know that learning must go beyond the bricks and mortar of the classroom...

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