Focus School Plymouth Campus

Focus School Plymouth Campus

Focus School Plymouth Campus

Focus School Plymouth Campus is part of the OneSchool global network, one of the most extensive and progressive network of schools and educational support services in the world. With affiliates in eighteen countries sharing the same OneSchool vision and aims for nearly 10,000 students, our professional leaders are benefiting from global collaboration with results that speak for themselves.

Focus Learning Trust was established as a registered charity in 2003 for the advancement of education, first and foremost providing leadership and support to its network of 28 UK independent schools which are registered as schools with a religious character.

Not content with tradition, Focus School’s focus on developing self-directed learners is adding to our story of success; those who are opening their own doors to broader, deeper and richer learning experiences. Given scope to investigate, explore and evaluate, students are now more than able to take the initiative and drive their own learning programmes in styles and environments that they understand and enjoy.

The recent establishment of the Teacher Academy provides a brand-new skills centre for staff, driving progress in learning and teaching throughout the Focus organisation. We value and support our staff and work with NQT and NPQH schemes to ensure they get the status and qualifications they need and deserve. Of the 1,600 dedicated educational professionals employed globally, over 600 work in the UK in close cooperation, sharing best practice, professional learning opportunities and resources.

The introduction of the virtual classroom and use of video conferencing is increasing learning opportunities for students and, at the same time, is a positive professional development opportunity for teachers. More recent developments, including online teaching and resource, are giving greater scope for students to draw out their own learning initiative.

We are professionals employing professionals and fast becoming an educational employer of choice.

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