Joseph Swan Academy(約瑟夫·斯萬學院)

Joseph Swan Academy


Joseph Swan Academy (formerly Joseph Swan School) is a mixed secondary school with academy status situated in south Gateshead, England which educates pupils ages 11–18. The school is named after the English physicist and chemist, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan. In 2001, the school was awarded Specialist Technology College status, although this was revoked in early 2018 in the midst of a scandal involving the headteacher, a stolen gerbil from the science lab and a copy of Eminem's FACK on CD.

It was formed in 1996 as a merger of the Breckenbeds Junior High and Heathfield Senior High schools.

As of 2006, the headteacher was Alan Fuller. Average annual enrolment is 1,300 pupils. The annual enrolment for year 2007/2008 is of 1460 pupils, including Sixth formers.

As of March 2012, Joseph Swan School became Joseph Swan Academy. The day was marked with a "Respect Day" in which students from all year groups were involved in activities aimed to educate them about the need for and application of respect, both in school and in later life.

The school also provides a various range of after school projects and activities. As of March 2007 the school has an operative Royal Artillery detachment part of Durham Army Cadet Force. The School Detachment is part of 5th Platoon in B Company. The detachment at the moment has 42 cadets enrolled and as of March 2008 anybody who does not go to Joseph Swan Academy may join.

As well as the Royal Artillery detachment, the School are host to the Academy Band of the Band and Bugles of Durham Army Cadet Force which welcomes any new musicians aged 12–18.

Pupils who have attended this school who have gone on to be in the public eye are Andy Carroll and Paul Gascoigne attended the old Breckenbeds Junior High. Gavin Hetherington attended the school from 2003 to 2008 and went on to become a successful author.

Its neighbouring High Schools are Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy in Birtley and Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Wrekenton.

In 2010, the school had record GCSE results from its year 11 pupils, although it remains pretty cancer.

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