The Ladies College, Guernsey(根西女子學院)

The Ladies College, Guernsey


基本資料 | Information

The Guernsey Ladies’ College opened the doors to its first 12 pupils on 10th October 1872. It has an honourable place among the earliest of the establishments for the education of women which were founded as the result of the vigorous and expanding interest in social and educational matters in the mid-nineteenth century.
It was agreed to follow the ethos of Cheltenham Ladies’ College and its Headmistress, Miss Dorothea Beale. To this end, the first Lady Principal of The Guernsey Ladies’ College was to be Miss S. M. Eaton, a member of the Cheltenham Ladies’ College staff.
The subjects taught were English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Latin, Algebra, Geometry, Political and Physical Geography, Domestic Science and the Laws of Health.
These first pupils were Madelaine Carey, Annabel Carey, D. M. Gliddon, Henrietta Bell, Rosina Bell, Florence Bell, Emily Paint, Caroline Hooper, Caroline Parker, Helen R. Ranken, E. Akerman, A. Akerman. The first great-grandchild of one of these 12 was admitted to the College in 1924.
Only one month after opening, the number of pupils rose to 25, and by the end of the year there were 70 pupils.

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