Duke of York's Royal Military School(約克公爵皇家軍事學校)

Duke of York's Royal Military School


基本資料 | Information

The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, more commonly called the Duke of York’s, is a co-educational Academy (for students aged 11 to 18) with military traditions in Dover, Kent. Since becoming an Academy in 2010, the school is now sponsored by the MOD, and accepts applications from any student wishing to board. Before 2010, only those students whose parents were serving or had served in the armed forces were eligible.

With the transition to Academy status, the school became a state boarding academy (and is both a member of the State Boarding Forum and Boarding Schools Association) and oversight transferred from the Ministry of Defence to the Department for Education.

The Duke of York’s has many traditions and a rich history, which includes ceremonial parades and uniforms, a monitorial style of education modelled on the English public school system.

This rich history includes a long line of notable alumni, known as Dukies, including senior generals (such as Sir Archibald Nye and Gary Coward), famous musicians (such as Henry Lazarus), sportsmen (like Maurice Colclough), many leading academic scientists (including Professors Paul Shaw, Timothy Foster and Mark Gardiner) and clergymen (James Jones and Bill Ind) and a long list of decorated armed forces personnel.

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