Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School

Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School

Simon Langton Girls

Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School is a single-sex voluntary controlled grammar school in Canterbury, Kent, England. The school originated in the Middle Ages as an educational foundation for children in Canterbury, emerging as a separate school for girls in 1881. Its brother school is Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys which resides a mere half mile away.

The school is 'selective' in its intake, with prospective Year 7 students having to take the Kent Procedure for Entrance to Secondary Education ("eleven-plus") examination. Around 155 new students are accepted every year at age 11, and around 60 students every year join the sixth form from other schools. 2010 saw the successful introduction of boys into the sixth form.

In the school's Ofsted inspection (July 2014) it was rated 'Good' overall.

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