Agnew School, Brisbane Campus

Agnew School, Brisbane Campus

Agnew School, Brisbane Campus

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The first affiliated school was established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in 1993.

The Agnew School provides a unique learning environment for students, guided by our focus on “Learning to Learn”. A self-directed approach to teaching and learning provides a foundation for lifelong learning, and prepares students for tertiary education and the workplace.

As a school we are a highly respected academic facility that demands high standards from ourselves. The School is happy to be judged objectively against other schools on performance criteria that meet government standards, as measure of the fulfilment of student potential.

We are committed to achieving the highest levels of teaching from our staff and academic potential from our students. This focus on high standards and student-driven learning has resulted in achievement levels for our students that are well above the national average in Australia.

Agnew School is a registered private school, which operates multiple campuses. With one central administration the campuses work in close cooperation sharing expertise, professional learning opportunities and resources.

Agnew School Campus locations: Brisbane, Maryborough, Nambor, Toowoomba.

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