Victoria Point State High School(維多利亞點州立中學)

Victoria Point State High School


基本資料 | Information

Victoria Point State High School is a Queensland Secondary State School situated within the bayside growth corridor of the Redlands community. We are a natural choice for secondary schooling to students living within our catchment but also an attractive and viable alternative for students who are subject to our Enrolment Management Plan but wish to participate in our excellence programs.

Pride and belonging, inclusiveness and aspiration, resilience and leadership, high expectations and high standards are cornerstones to providing the quality education received by all students.

Our school is values and outcomes driven, where quality personalised learning delivers schooling that is futures focused. Our four distinct learning pathways of "Creative Industries" (CI); "Science, Technology and Mathematics" (STM); "Health, Huma​nities and Enterprise" (HHE); and school-based "Community and Culture" (CC); are the key facets to our school’s culture for learning. Our focus is to provide opportunity for authentic learning that has rigour, is connected, relevant, and caters for difference. Core learning and programs of excellence are designed to capture the imagination of learners; to motivate and inspire.

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