Pimpama State Secondary College

Pimpama State Secondary College

Pimpama State Secondary College

基本資料 | Information

Our College opened on 29 January 2013 with Year 7 and 8.

The school is located on Dixon Drive, Pimpama. To ensure the school is able to cater for students within the enrolment boundary an enrolment management plan (School EMP) is in place.

Our primary focus will be on personalising the learning experience for each child. This means focussing on the relationship between the teacher and the student, using technologies to engage and enrich learning and making innovative use of our learning spaces. To achieve a personalised approach to learning we will have the following five goals:

High expectations and early intervention so that every child can achieve their dream.

A belief that every child can learn and their learning will be tailored to their individual level.

Our teachers will be learners. They will be able to articulate what they do, why they do it and how effective it is.

Teachers will develop a deep understanding and insight into each student’s learning needs and preferences and adapt teaching, learning and assessment to maximise individual potential for success.

The use of technology will enrich and personalise learning experiences for students, make learning accessible 24/7, and develop 21st century learning and communication skills.

While being innovative and ‘cutting edge’ are important aspects of creating a relevant 21st century learning environment there are many traditional values that cannot be overlooked in ensuring our learning environment is supportive and positive and nurtures the aspirations of all students, regardless of background and culture.

We will invest in our young people by:

Providing a positive school culture – ensuring a safe, supportive learning environment for all students.

Having high expectations for learning, participation, dress and behaviour.
Implementing a Junior secondary program.

High levels of family & community participation in supporting student learning, and strategic decision making.

Global citizenship and leadership programs Years 7 – 10.

The College has opened wih facilities such as sports oval, ample play areas and covered areas, a science and technology industry building and a food hospitality and enterprise building.

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校園 | Campus