Pimlico State High School

Pimlico State High School

Pimlico State High School

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Established in 1959, Pimlico State High School is now one of the largest public high schools in North Queensland. Following the transition of Year 7 from primary schools to high schools across Queensland in 2015, the total enrolments of Pimlico have grown to approximately 1700. While operated as part of the Queensland Department of Education and Training, Pimlico was awarded Independent Public School (IPS) status in 2013. Under the IPS program, Pimlico operates semi-autonomously with oversight provided by a School Council.

The school has a strong community reputation and draws approximately half of its enrolments from outside its designated catchment area. Because of the strong demand for places at the school, Pimlico is designated as an 'enrolment managed' school and has an Enrolment Management Plan that sets the parameters for prioritising and accepting enrolments from outside of the school's catchment. Students can apply for enrolment as part of the school's Excellence Programs in Music, Performing Arts and Academics. In order to secure enrolment places, in recent years families have queued overnight outside the school on the evening before enrolment applications are accepted.

The school is accredited with the Council of International Schools (CIS), providing quality assurance in relation to the school's provision of a world-class teaching and learning environment. The school has a strong focus on internationalism, with a well-established International Student Program, annual overseas study tours, the offering of three foreign languages, and a focus on valuing diversity and developing international mindedness.

Pimlico offers a broad curriculum, with one of the widest ranges of subject offerings in North Queensland. While the school's reputation within the community is built on the school's strong academic focus and its extensive music programs and related cocurricular offerings, the school provides a wide range of pathways and opportunities that cater to a diverse range of students. This includes a range of vocational certificates and courses as well as a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities.

The Principal is supported by four Deputy Principals and each of these senior leaders oversee specific departments and program areas within the school. A team of approximately fifteen Heads of Department lead different faculties or significant programs areas within the school. The majority of these Heads of Department lead curriculum-based faculty areas, such as Mathematics or The Arts, while a small number have responsibility for school-wide programs or initiatives such as Teaching and Learning or Student Development. There are approximately 120 teaching staff and 60 non-teaching staff at Pimlico. While the School Council provides broad strategic oversight, a Parents and Citizens Association provides further opportunities for parental input and involvement.

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