Austin Cove Baptist College

Austin Cove Baptist College

Austin Cove Baptist College

基本資料 | Information

Austin Cove Baptist College is committed to the following principles as outlined in the College aims, motto and core values. The College Affirmation is an amalgamation of these principles.


At Austin Cove Baptist College we are genuinely interested in the well-being of each student and our aim is to see students reach their full potential academically, physically and spiritually. It is our hope that every student will be exposed to a wide range of educational experiences whilst at the College. Students will be encouraged to use every opportunity to develop their skills and talents in a safe and caring environment.

Throughout their time at the College, students will be exposed to new challenges and new expectations will be placed upon them. It is important for students to receive a well-balanced education and to be challenged both within the classroom academically as well as outside the mainstream classroom. These opportunities and challenges are designed to build character and help to develop students for the world outside the College.

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校園 | Campus