Ambarvale High School

Ambarvale High School

Ambarvale High School

Our school is located in the township of Rosemeadow and we proudly work with the young people, families and community to provide a quality and exciting education.

We have approximately 800 students of which 29% are from a non-English speaking background and 10% of who identify as Aboriginal. In addition to our mainstream students, our school is very proud of our 6 Class Support Unit for students with a mild or moderate intellectual disability or autism.

On any day, over 85 staff, teaching and non-teaching, are on site working with students.

Our school is committed to preparing students for the 21st Century. An essential component of that commitment is engaging support for our students ‘beyond the school gates’. Inter-agency and community partnerships play a pivotal role in the school’s welfare, academic and vocational programs.

The ethos which underpins the teaching and learning of the school community is ‘individualised education for all’. This is reflected in our staff professional development and learning which focuses on differentiation at all levels of the learning spectrum including gifted and talented initiatives to students requiring intensive learning support.

Our school’s strategic directions and RAM funding target and reflect our core practice of developing young people into confident real life learners and citizens with high aspirations for their collective future. We are committed to delivering current best practice teaching and learning through innovative pedagogy which focuses on student-centred learning and the creation of 21st Century learning spaces.

The school is continuing to strengthen our ability to offer a broad range of individualised education experiences for all our students. We are achieving this goal through our school’s strategic directions which inform all our practice, including the development of individualised student learning plans, student learning conferences, senior reviews and tailored vocational educational plans.

In 2014 we received a NSW Public Schools Award recognising the innovation and quality of our Student Learning Conferences (SLCs). These SLCs were formulated in response to declining parent participation in our traditional parent/teacher nights. The SLCs have been extremely successful in developing learning plans with parents and students. As a direct result of this innovation our parent attendance at the SLCs has increased dramatically.

A number of programs have been tailored to support our Aboriginal students and strong links have been created with our Aboriginal community through community gatherings held at the school, consultation with local community members, including Elders and regional Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers. Initiatives include community outreach programs, in partnership with the police and Aboriginal employment agencies.

We systematically review our wellbeing policies and procedures to ensure that students are rewarded for consistently demonstrating behavioural expectations. To this end our school has developed a model where students’ positive behaviour and leadership qualities are recorded through a centralised monitoring system which is then used to identify and reward our TRREC students. Our core values are also evidenced through the leadership programs which continue to strengthen with each passing year. The Ambarvale Ambassadors, Social Justice, SRC, Environment Group, Peer Support and The Leo’s Club allow students to engage in their community and develop civic responsibilities.

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