Mount St Joseph Milperra

Mount St Joseph Milperra

Mount St Joseph Milperra

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In 1959 Father Landers (Panania) and Father Carr (Revesby) accompanied Mother Leone Ryan, the Superior of the Sisters of St Joseph, in search of a suitable site for a new girls’ high school in western Sydney. At this time the population of the area was increasing rapidly and the parishes were unable to meet the costs of building such a school. The search ended with the purchase of the land on which the school now stands. The land was classified as Green Belt, so permission had to be sought and duly granted from the councils concerned. A school was built and in 1960, girls from the surrounding parish schools began their secondary education at Milperra. After that, the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph provided the necessary support for the ongoing development of the school.

On 20 April 1989, the Mount St Joseph School Board was instituted following the incorporation of the school as Mount Saint Joseph Milperra Ltd.

In 2013, the congregation handed over administration of the school to Sydney Catholic Schools.[3] Mount St Joseph retains its links to the Josephite community through annual feast days and celebrations, connections to other Josephite schools in Warmun (Western Australia) and Tarma (Peru), and participation in social justice and leadership initiatives alongside the Sisters of St Joseph.

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