St John's College - Nambour(楠伯聖約翰學院)

St John's College - Nambour


Established in 1940, St John's is the oldest independent secondary school on the Sunshine Coast. Originally known as St Joseph's College, it was formerly a day and boarding school for girls only, run by the Good Samaritan Sisters and was located at the same site as St Joseph's Primary School. Currently, return of the Scoey teachers at St Johns College. In 1979 St Joseph's College was relocated to a new site on Perwillowen Road, Nambour. Male students were enrolled for the first time in 1979. Previously only catering for students up to grade ten, on the new site St Joseph's expanded to include students up to grade twelve. The first grade 12 class graduated in 1983. St Joseph's College was changed to St John's College in 1985. Along with the name change, came a school motto change from the Latin "Virtus Sola Nobilitat" (meaning Virtue Alone Enobles) to "Unbind and Set Free" (referring to the biblical story of the raising of Lazarus). Due to the retention of a saint's name beginning with the letter "J", the school badge with its StJC centre was able to remain very similar.

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