St Augustine's College - Augustine Heights(聖奧古斯丁學院)

St Augustine's College - Augustine Heights


Our College is a P - 12 school, a unified community that works together, prays and celebrates together, shares joys and achievements, and offers care and support in times of difficulty and disappointment. Building links across the College is a basic

aspect of our approach, and involves individuals, small and larger groups - students, staff, and parents and community members.

We seek to be a community in which everyone contributes, belongs, enjoys success and feels safe.

Within this overall setting, students are part of one of four precincts: Early Years (P-2), Junior Years (Years 3-5), Middle Years (6-9), and Senior Years (10-12).

Formal and informal curriculum and a wide range of associated activities reflect both the P - 12 and the four developmental stages approach. There are great opportunities for all children and young people at St Augustine's, and all are really encouraged to accept them!

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