Maryborough State High School(瑪麗伯勒中學)

Maryborough State High School


基本資料 | Information

Maryborough State High School (commonly abbreviated as 'MSHS') is an Independent Public School located in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. The school is run by the Queensland State Government, and is split on either side of Kent Street. The school colours are blue and brown. In 2015 MSHS had 724 students (including 82 students identifiying as indigenous) with 67 teachers (63 full-time equivalent).

The 2017 School Captains are Annabel Head and Jayden Phillips, with Nikki Harmer and Nicholas Schneider as School Vice Captains.

The school has had many incarnations, starting its life as a Grammar School, then a segregated boys and girls high school in the early 1970s. The school became coeducational from 1974. From 2017, Maryborough State High School will be an Independent Public School.

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