Lockyer District State High School

Lockyer District State High School

Lockyer District State High School

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Welcome to Lockyer District High School

Secondary education in Gatton was first offered on the 1st January 1913 as a secondary department attached to Gatton State School. In 1917, due to increasing enrolments, Gatton High School was created on the present Gatton State School site. This became Lockyer District High School when it was opened at its present location in 1961.

Since that time, our school has developed with the town in establishing a positive and respected reputation and is recognised as a leader in the fields of academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Our school has produced many of the community’s local leaders and today is home to 950 students.

Lockyer District High School’s mission is to provide a safe, tolerant and disciplined environment within which young adults prepare to be active and reflective Australian citizens with a will for life long learning. We seek this through the following values and beliefs:

A positive organisational culture
Having trust and credibility
Effective communication
Innovation through risk taking
Orientation to action
Accepting personal responsibility
Whole school problem solving
A commitment to training and development
Celebrating success and
Responsible management.

Lockyer District High School has a highly respected reputation, within the Lockyer Valley and abroad, that is built on success and excellence. This has been achieved through a dedicated staff who respect individual students and through a highly supportive community.

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