Coomera Anglican College

Coomera Anglican College

Coomera Anglican College

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Coomera Anglican College is an independent school founded in 1997 that is operated by the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. It consists of a Primary School (Years Prep to 6), Junior Secondary School (Years 7 to 9), Senior Secondary School (Years 10 to 12), and Early Learning Centre on the same campus.[3] The school is located on Days Road in Upper Coomera, Queensland.

The current principal is Dr Mark Sly. The current Head of Primary is Mr Graeme Kirkpatrick. The current Head of Junior Secondary is Ms Anita Ramsay. The current Head of Secondary and Deputy Principal is Mr Mark Heaney. The Director of Early Learning is Mrs Jenny Rees. Other key staff members include the Business Manager, Mr David Dobbie, the Head of Teaching and Learning Processes, Mr Alex Delaforce, and the current Head of Senior Schooling, Mr Wayne van den Bos.

Coomera Anglican College bases its ethos on the twin foundations of the Anglican Church of Australia and 'imagine Listen Respect' (iLR) which is its values framework. These inform and drive all aspects of the College including its Teaching and Learning Framework (including the Habits of Mind system) and the self-driven behaviour management system called the Raise Responsibility system.

A major feature of the College is its approach to the use of technology. This is aimed at providing a consistent, regulated and educationally focussed incorporation of technology throughout the phases of primary and secondary education. In the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools this takes the form of a 1 to 1 laptop scheme called eMind. In the Primary School the focus is on providing a high availability of ICTs with a significant use of interactive whiteboard technologies.

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