Casula High School

Casula High School

Casula High School

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Casula High School is a co-educational comprehensive high school providing equal opportunity for all students in their pursuit of excellence. Casula High School staff are expert educators committed to modern, innovative educational practice. They are dedicated to maintaining a supportive future learning environment which promotes an inclusive focus on student growth, and students beyond school success.

Casula High is located in the south western suburbs of Sydney, and is close to Liverpool. It draws students from Dalmeny, Prestons, Casula, Glenfield, Glenwood, Rossmore and Leppington primary schools and surrounding suburbs from as far away as Fairfield and Campbelltown.

Key programs and initiatives that support the school's pursuit of excellence include Casula High School's Engagement and Excellence Hub. This hub supports focused academic achievement, personal confidence and a commitment to future educational and employment success. Collaborative, engaging, and flexible creative learning spaces are a highlight of the work spaces available to students. Casula High has a commitment to explore and develop innovative, evidence-based pedagogy utilising educational research and evidence to enhance teacher practice and improved student learning outcomes.

Significant other school initiatives are Casula High's partnership with Social Ventures Australia and Australian Schools Plus, which has partnered Casula High School's Code Factory initiative with Salesforce (a multinational software design company), CASPERS (Casula Performing Arts program), Towards Transformation linked to the schools Bring Your Own Device learning initiative (BYOD), Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS), and STEM Education Programs.

This school has achieved many awards both academic and sporting, however two highlights are the Prime Ministers Award for Science Teaching in 2015 and a Directors award for whole school initiatives.

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