Cabramatta High School(卡巴瑪塔中學)

Cabramatta High School


Cabramatta High School is the local high school of Cabramatta, an urbanised suburb located in south-west Sydney, Australia. The school was established in 1958 as the suburb's first high school. Cabramatta High School is becoming increasingly popular within the region, with impressive records of academic and practical successful students, mostly achieving grade-averages higher than most other schools in the local area. Well known for its multiculturalism, Cabramatta High School consists of a very diverse range of students and staff, with majority coming from non-English speaking backgrounds, predominantly Vietnamese and Chinese. Cabramatta High School has been praised by many people in the public for its great diversity of students with the great conception of multiculturalism and peace of many different cultures in enabling an enjoyable location to learn.

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