Pasadena High School(帕薩迪納中學)

Pasadena High School


基本資料 | Information

Pasadena High School is a high school located in the southern Adelaide suburb of Pasadena, on the corner of Goodwood and Daws Roads. It was opened in 1964 as Daws Road High School and operated under this name until 2001. The campus currently caters to the Sturt Sabres Basketball Club and Flinders University. The school at one point had an enrolment upwards of 1,200, however after a steady decline, has lowered to 100-150 by 2014. The school also offers "Doorways to Construction", a program teaching the fundamentals of carpentry, and has a high-ranking ice hockey team, Pasadena Predators, which have won numerous awards.

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校園 | Campus