Craigslea State High School

Craigslea State High School

Craigslea State High School

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Craigslea State High School is a public secondary school located in Chermside West in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. The school first opened in 1975 and was officially opened in 2000 by the honourable Dean Wells. The school is situated next door to Craigslea State Primary School and some facilities, such as the swimming pool, are shared between the two schools. It is also reputedly the first completely low-set public secondary school in Queensland and several of the buildings' entrance points have since been modified to provide convenient access to students in motorised wheelchairs. Most of the school's buildings were built in the mid-1970s, whereas the mid-2000s saw the opening of the school's auditorium and another building for the senior subject of commercial hospitality, which was established at the school in 2007. The grounds outside the science building and the library courtyard feature artworks created by the school's students, and from end 2010 to the start of 2011 school year the school was upgrading both Science and Year 8 Blocks, however due to many faults in the science block and having to close down again after it opened, it was not officially open until last term of 2011. From 2015, Year 7 will become the first year of high school in Queensland. In late 2012 the school undertook the construction of a new building to accommodate the growing needs of the school.

Approximately 200 students are enrolled in each year level, giving the school an average number of total enrolments of about 800 to 900 per school year. Enrollments for 2013 totalled 897 up from 846 in 2012.

The school has a volleyball program, Craigslea Volleyball Academy, which, according to the school's own annual report, "has attained national recognition".

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