St Monica's College Cairns(凱恩斯聖莫妮卡學院)

St Monica's College Cairns


基本資料 | Information

As a Catholic Secondary College for young women, St Monica`s is a faith community where belief in the dignity of the human person underlies our educational philosophy, structures and processes.

Within this context, we aim to provide an environment where:

Relationships reflect the example and teaching of Christ and a true sense of partnership between the home, the school and the Church is actively promoted.
Learning and teaching promotes the education of the whole person encompassing the spiritual, social, moral, academic and the physical dimensions.
Individuals participate to the best of their ability to achieve personal and community goals.
Students are encouraged to develop a social conscience and the skills to assist them to face the challenges of life.

制服介紹 | Uniform Intro

校園 | Campus