Gympie State High School(金皮中學)

Gympie State High School


基本資料 | Information

Gympie High first opened in 1912. It was one of the first high schools in Queensland. It was originally located near the town centre where Gympie Central Primary School is now. The first Cootharaba Road building was constructed in 1917.

On 18th May, 1955 the school was destroyed by fire as the result of a science experiment. B, C and D blocks were built later that year on the same site. E, J and M Blocks were constructed in the 1960's, and A and H Blocks and Hamilton Hall in the 1970's. N and O Blocks and the pool were added during the 1980's. Throughout the 1990's, A Block was refurbished, K Block was reconstructed from a 1930's building and the present Administration building was added. Gympie High wasn't always a co-ed school. It was originally just a boy’s school.

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