Saint Mary's Catholic College South Burnett(南柏奈特聖瑪麗天主教學院)

Saint Mary's Catholic College South Burnett


Core Values

We value the dignity of the person which is realised through growth towards excellence in all aspects of human life. We educate and challenge students to aspire to their fullest potentially spiritually, academically, and personally.

We value Catholic Education as a transforming opportunity available to those who seek and value it. It is founded in a belief that we have both rights and responsibilities.

The Benedictine Tradition

We value the wisdom and example of St Benedict, who embodied the character of our College Community, and brings the essential elements for our dignity to focus.
Awareness of God

We acknowledge the primacy of God. To look for God in the ordinary events of each day.

We are committed to forming stable relationships in our community. To become who we are by our relationships with others.
Taking Counsel

We call our community together for counsel to make decisions. To cultivate rootedness and a shared sense of mission: to stand firm in one's promises.
Respect for persons

We reverence all persons. To respect person regardless of class, cultural background or professional skill.
Dignity of work

We are committed to stability of place. To appreciate the dignity of work in God's creation.

We practice hospitality and respect for all persons. to offer warmth, acceptance, and joy in welcoming others.


We reverence all creation. To appreciate and to care lovingly for all the goods of this place.
Truthful living

We foster an environment for deep transformation of the whole person (conversion). To practice enthusiasm for conversation.

We are committed to practicing simplicity and frugality. To be content with living simply and finding balance in work, prayer and leisure.

We listen reverently with the ear of our heart. To hear keenly and sensitively the voices of persons and all created beings.
Common Good

We integrate a commitment to the common good and respect for the individual. To develop a robust sense of the common good.

We are committed to practicing justice. To work toward a just order in our immediate environment and in the larger society.

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