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Malanda State High School

Malanda State High School

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Teaching and Learning Audit confirms that Malanda SHS is a "Place to Excel"
“Excellence in teaching is the single most powerful influence on student achievement…the challenge for teachers and school leaders and systems is to focus on pedagogy” (Hattie, 2003).

This type of research by world renowned educational researcher John Hattie, indicates that a focus on pedagogy exists when teaching teams are working consistently and collaboratively within a whole school approach – and that this is the most effective way to ensure high quality learning outcomes in modern schools. At Malanda High, this approach has led to the development in recent years of a ‘Teaching System’. This system, which is complemented by our Student Support System, ensures that we are truly achieving our school’s purpose of ‘Every day, in every classroom, all our students are learning and achieving’.

As a consequence, not only are the student results at our school relatively outstanding, but so too are the independent audit results. Conducted every four years by Central Office in Brisbane, a Teaching and Learning Auditor rigorously analyses the leadership and teacher processes that exist at our school, and subsequently publishes comprehensive reports. Attached you will find two reports that outline how our school has been judged, and as you will see, our school is seen as ‘Outstanding’ or ‘High’ across all the audit domains. Interestingly, statistically only 3% of schools in the state are judged as “Outstanding’ – so we are confident that the work we are doing as a school is not only directly benefiting our students, but that it can also be seen as ‘best practice’, and something that we can all be proud of. We can, and will, still improve further yet, and most importantly we are confident that we are on the ‘right track’.

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