Ashdale Secondary College(艾許戴爾中等學院)

Ashdale Secondary College


基本資料 | Information

With the subdivision of the Landsdale, Darch and Madeley precincts there was a need to provide local schooling for young families and recent migrants moving into the area. Initially developed as a Middle School, the design plan was altered to cater for a full Year 8-12 College. The original name of the Middle School was Landsdale Secondary College however to reflect the changing nature of the Darch subdivision the College was renamed Ashdale Secondary College.

Ashdale Secondary College opened in 2009 with an initial intake of 140 Year 8 students. Stage 1 of our buildings program was completed in October 2009 and Stage 2 was completed in late 2011. Stage 3 of building began in 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014 to accomodate the Move to Year 7 in 2015. During 2009, Ashdale Secondary College attained certification as an Approved Specialist School for Information and Computer Technology. The College was one of the first 34 schools in Western Australia to become an Independent Public School in 2010.

Ashdale Secondary College has state of the art facilities to accommodate the student of the 21st century. Provision of wireless internet in every classroom allows students ubiquitous access via laptops and tablets to extend their connectivity to universal learning environments. Our Information Technology Centre (Library) is a combination of a traditional library and an e-learning centre that will transition to a sole e-learning centre that will be accessible to students, parents and the broader community. Our Home Economics and D&T rooms are fitted with state of the art equipment that permits students to create innovative projects like Co2 racers.

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