John Calvin School Albany(奧爾巴尼約翰·喀爾文學校)

John Calvin School Albany


基本資料 | Information

The John Calvin School Albany (Est.1962) is a K to 10 school which upholds Biblical truths and values. The school is affiliated with the Free Reformed Churches of Australia which have, as a central tenet of their confessions, the belief that God has established a covenant of grace with believers and their children. Their education must, as integral part of the instruction of the covenant children and in subjection to the Word of God, help to optimally equip them for their service to God and to their neighbour.

The students that attend the JCSA are viewed as God’s children, precious in His eyes. A Special Education program is offered for those students that require it. The staff sincerely endeavours to conduct themselves in keeping with God’s Word and to instruct all students accordingly, aiming to realise this in the subjects offered, the manner in which they are taught, as well as in their personal interaction with students. Students are encouraged to use and develop their God-given talents, and yet, while academic achievement is important, the school views the aim of education as deeper than that.

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