Swan Christian College(天鵝基督教學院)

Swan Christian College


基本資料 | Information

Who we are

We are a Christ-centred and student-centred school with a focus on excellence. We aim to be a community of personal growth where all members seek excellence and know God.
Why we exist

Our purpose is to develop and shape our students through continual evidence of faith and practice.

We seek to build character through learning, discernment and application, challenging our students to transition into living their faith as an informed, contributing adult in the world.
Our values

Swan Christian College seeks to teach and uphold Christian values with a particular focus on:

To seek to know and be known by God.

To be experienced as honest and fair.

To be acclaimed for kind treatment of all.

To aim to be the best we can be.
Our responsibilities

We seek to engage and grow the talents of all in our College, care for our resources and build our community for today and for all future generations.

Our intention for the future

To provide educational leadership and be a school of first choice for students, parents and educators.

制服介紹 | Uniform Intro

校園 | Campus