Aviation High School(航空中學)

Aviation High School


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Aviation High School is a uniquely specialized, co-educational high school that prepares students for careers in aviation maintenance and the aerospace industry. Aviation High School's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified program developed and expanded with the evolution of the aviation industry. Students complete both rigorous vocational and academic programs that provide excellent preparation for aviation-related careers as well as college.

The program was established in October of 1925 as part of the Central Building Trades School located at 215 East 21st Street in Manhattan. At this early date, the school had only three teachers who each taught four hours of building trades, which included woodworking, plumbing, electrical and the like. As the trade school entered the 1930s, these initial vocational courses were soon expanded to include early lessons on the aviation industry.

As the thirties progressed, interest in aviation increased and the program was expanded into a two year industrial high school for aviation mechanics, electrical wiring, and carpentry subjects. Most of the boys (the school was open only to male students; female students were first admitted in 1975), ranging in ages from 15 to 19, were mechanically minded: they built models, read aviation manuals, and followed the exploits of airmen.

As the demand grew for aviation related courses the aviation program at the Central Building Trades School expanded. Courses were given in practical aeronautical work: wood, metal, fabric, and engine mechanics. Instructors now came to the classroom as licensed airplane and engine mechanics. Equipment for these innovative courses was acquired from a variety of sources such as the Aeronautical Commission, and the Army and the Navy who provided valuable equipment to the school. These organizations supplied the school with airplanes, accessories, engines, and instruments making it possible for the school to give practical work in all branches of the aviation industry.

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