Blackwood High School(黑木中學)

Blackwood High School


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Blackwood High School is a co-educational secondary school located in Eden Hills, a south-eastern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia offering the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme with six nearby primary schools and Diploma Programme as the "Mitcham Hills College". It is also a special interest high school that specialise in netball.[1] Blackwood High also offers an enrichment program for identified "gifted" or "talented" students.[2]

The school developed a resource with Sturt Police on "Teenage Parties" that has been adapted by Victorian private schools Scotch College[3] and Toorak College.[4] The Adelaide-based hip hop group, Hilltop Hoods, formed at Blackwood High School.

The school is the site of the Blackwood Community Recreation Centre.

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