Bega High School

Bega High School

Bega High School

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Bega High School is committed to providing excellence in education which prepares all students to contribute responsibly to a changing world. It is a large comprehensive rural high school situated at least fifty five kilometres from the nearest other government secondary school. The school has developed a curriculum directed at serving the diverse needs of the students. It has established a reputation in academic excellence, in creative arts, in sport, in vocational education and broad general education. The school also offers more specialised courses to enable our students to move into local industry and to prepare them to effectively compete for entry to tertiary institutions in larger centres. Stage one of the school's redevelopment will start in 2001. Funds provided enable a gymnasium, canteen area and outdoor sports courts to be constructed.
Bega High School's Special Education faculty comprises multi-categorical, emotional disturbance, moderate intellectual disability, mild intellectual disability and severe intellectual disability classes. Bega High School and Eden Marine High School share a Trade Training Centre for students to attain certificate level training without leaving the area. Delivery of vocational educational frameworks in construction, primary industries and metals and engineering are the focus.

The school enjoys and fosters positive relationships with its local community to maximise learning opportunities for its students in its partnerships with University of Wollongong, local commercial enterprises, Illawarra TAFE and non-government organisations. Bega High School is a member of the Sapphire Coast Learning Community comprising two high schools and thirteen primary schools located between Cobargo to the north, west to Bemboka, and south to Eden.

In 2015 the enrolment ranged from as high as 875 in March, down to 832 students by October, including 10% Aboriginal students.

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