Gosford High School(高士福中學)

Gosford High School


基本資料 | Information

Gosford High School is an academically selective high school, with a distinguished history dating back to 1927. We achieve outstanding academic results but equally important are the social, cultural and emotional capabilities of our students. At Gosford High School, we proudly educate the whole child.

Students are at the centre of all we do. We value their voice and encourage their active participation in learning. By working collaboratively with their teachers in a stimulating, rewarding and safe learning environment, they are motivated to develop the skills they need to navigate a rapidly changing world ethically and successfully. Above all, we inspire them to embrace their capacity as leaders of their community, with the knowledge that their actions can benefit society and the world beyond.

Our professional, enthusiastic staff provides a diverse and engaging curriculum tailored to gifted and talented students; one that is informed by the most contemporary research in educational psychology and philosophy. They engage in career-long learning and professional development to ensure our teaching practices are relevant, dynamic and attuned to the unique capacities of our students.

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