Hunter School of the Performing Arts(杭特演藝學校)

Hunter School of the Performing Arts


基本資料 | Information

Hunter School of the Performing Arts was so named towards the end of 1998. The name change emphasised the school's focus on performing arts and its unique place within the district, the region and the state.

The school has undergone many name changes and changes of direction since its first day in July, 1923:

Newcastle Central Junior Technical and Domestic Science School (1923 to 1926)
Broadmeadow Central Junior Technical School (1927 to 1931)
Newcastle Central Junior Technical School (1932 to 1960) - when the girls left to go to Hamilton South
Broadmeadow Boys Junior High School (1961 to 1966)
Broadmeadow Boys High School (1966 to 1975)
Broadmeadow High School (1976 to 1992) (return to co-educational)
The Broadmeadow School (1992 to 1998) (K-12 major focus in performing arts)
Hunter School of the Performing Arts (1998 to date ) (specialist school for performing arts)
The original motto was "Advance." This changed in 1932 when the girls left. It became "Faber est suae quisque fortunae." Early in 1999 the school community was surveyed and the decision was made to keep the motto but in its English form: "Each of us is responsible for our own destiny." "Performing at our best' is the motto most commonly used today, taken from the school's vision statement.

Our Colours
The original colours of the school were those of the Newcastle Regiment of World War 1 - green and brown. These stayed with the school until 1999 when the school community was surveyed to see if a change of colours was appropriate to our new direction and focus. The colours chosen were: black, aqua and purple. Because of the desire of some ex-students and some well-known Newcastle personalities for us to keep our link with the Newcastle colours, our new logo (of the mask, dancer and bass clef) has been incorporated into a shield which also has a ribbon of brown and a ribbon of green and will be used on formal occasions. As a result of our change of colours our school uniform was changed.

制服介紹 | Uniform Intro

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