Gloucester High School(格洛斯特中學)

Gloucester High School


Gloucester High School is committed to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum rivalling the best that other schools can offer in specialised areas such as sport, performing arts and technology, whilst continuing to offer the best features of a local comprehensive high school. Teachers and support staff, professional development and resources are all geared towards providing a balanced and challenging educational experience. As a result of schooling at Gloucester High School, it is expected that a student: Has achieved successfully to his/her highest level of ability; has developed a desire for and confidence in further education and learning; possesses effective literacy, numeracy and communication skills; has the ability and independence needed to make informed decisions; is well-equipped for an adult life which will embrace the complex challenges and technological advances of the 21st century; has a well-developed ethic for active participation in a working environment; and is a responsible, sensitive human being, with both a high level of self-esteem and a respect for the rights and needs of others.

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