Regents Park Christian School

Regents Park Christian School

Regents Park Christian School

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As a result of God’s calling, an interim committee was formed in 1974 to establish a distinctly Christian high school. The following year, the committee invited a number of churches including Regents Park Baptist Church and Lidcombe-Berala Baptist Church to share in the ministry. On 2nd February 1976 Christian Community High School (CCHS) commenced as an unincorporated body with 13 students in makeshift accommodation at Lidcombe-Berala and Regents Park Baptist Churches.

From this modest beginning the high school grew to an enrolment of over 450 students accommodated in modern facilities with a curriculum catering for a variety of student needs. New premises were opened in 1986, 1990 and 2000.

In 1998 CCHS introduced the Middle School concept into Years 7 and 8 to assist students in the transition from primary school to high school. A special emphasis in the senior school has been the development of both academic and vocational education programs. Since the mid 1990’s the school has been at the forefront of developments in vocational education and training as part of the senior high school curriculum.

The new millennium saw changes in student support structures including the introduction of Year Advisors, Academic Advisors, and a Youth Pastor, all aimed at helping students and families. Facilities also continue to be developed and refurbished.

The high school sourced a significant number of its student intake from Christian feeder schools. From the beginning of 2005 South Granville Christian Community School, previously a feeder primary school, was integrated into the operations of Christian Community High School Limited and the name of the company changed to Christian Community School Limited. The name of the school also changed to Regents Park Christian School.

From the commencement of 2011 the two primary campuses at South Granville were amalgamated into the Regents Park campus to create a single Kindergarten to Year 12 school. The first new primary building commenced operation in 2011 and was completed when the second stage was opened in 2016

Regents Park Christian School will always aim to provide an education which supports the values of the Christian home and to help students grow into balanced, effective Christian citizens who seek to honour God and to further His Kingdom.

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