Maitland Christian School

Maitland Christian School

Maitland Christian School

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At Maitland Christian School, our hope is to make a difference in children's lives, not just in what they learn and their academic achievement but also in the kind of person they grow up to be. Students study the full range of required syllabi from the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards, in the context of a Biblical Christian world view .

Our parents, the Church and school work together to support students in their spiritual growth, so that they can be a positive influence in the world. We acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in all aspects of our lives, including education, and aim to provide students with a secure foundation and hope for the future.

We aim to help our students grow spiritually and
academically, as well as supporting their social development and progress in physical activities such as sport. The educational and extra-curricula programs of the school reflect this balanced approach to schooling.

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