Rooty Hill High School

Rooty Hill High School

Rooty Hill High School

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Rooty Hill HS is a large, co-educational, comprehensive community school in western Sydney. Almost 50% of the students enrolled for 2012 – 2014 are from non-English speaking backgrounds, including a significant number of students from Asian backgrounds. There is a significant enrolment of Aboriginal students and the school is committed to promoting its cultural and linguistic diversity. The school ICSEA for 2013 is 961 and was 963 in 2012 and 965 in 2011. This places the school one standard deviation below average. In external student performance to Year 10 students perform 1.5 – 2.0 standard deviations below the mean. This grows to an average of over 2.5 at the HSC. This is the pattern that the new school plan strategies must seek to address. In particular, the school has more to do in increasing the academic achievement of the "middle students".

The school has a very committed, dynamic teaching, administrative and executive staff with a range of experience. Over the last decade the school has been recognised for its achievements as a school of professional practice for its work in quality teaching and leadership. Parent and community support of the school is strong and working parents have valued the individual contact approach used by the school in personalising learning for each student. School values are embedded in all programs, practices & relationships. There is a broad academic curriculum, a strong vocational program and the opportunity for students to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular programs. There is a strong focus on technology in learning, personalised learning and transition programs. Every student has a personalised learning plan.

Student leadership in sports, the arts, school service and academic programs is actively developed. The school has above average attendance, full school uniform, declining suspension rates and a commitment to building positive relationships through personal responsibility. The school celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012.

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