Glenwood High School(格倫伍德中學)

Glenwood High School


Glenwood High School students enjoy quality educational programs and exceptional opportunities delivered in state-of-the-art classrooms. Strong educational leadership and dedicated teachers create a supportive, dynamic learning environment which caters to all abilities and develops potential. Our specialist teachers offer inspiring programs for gifted and talented students and provide responsive, personalised support for students needing additional help. Our school community cares for each student and celebrates achievement by providing a wide range of experiences which nurture individual academic, sporting, performing arts and cultural talents.

Our broad, innovative curriculum and highly skilled staff motivate and engage our teenage learners resulting in Glenwood High being the school of choice for our community. Our teachers integrate the latest technologies into their lessons including; laptops, interactive electronic boards and our online learning environment. Every Year 9 student receives a personal laptop to help them with their studies. We prepare our students for their future as they learn to confidently use information communication technologies and critically assess information which challenges their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Our school's philosophy is based on teaching values including respect and individual as well as social responsibility. Our student wellbeing programs encourage students to celebrate their differences, develop confidence, resilience and to creatively work together to solve their problems. Our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) program sets high expectations for individual effort. PBL enables students to achieve their full academic potential and nurtures their personal and social skills as they grow into responsible, well-adjusted, caring and successful young adults. Our leadership program encourages students to engage with their community, develop global awareness and empathy for others.

As a community school we are flexible to the needs of our families and value the positive relationships we have between home and staff. We use a variety of communication methods to keep in touch with our families about their child¿s learning and wellbeing. As a school, and as part of the Nor-West Community of Schools, we hold parent information evenings and forums to assist the family to support their child's learning at home and ensure a happy transition from primary to high school. With our community we have developed transparent school policies, priorities and expectations. Our school is dedicated to providing the very best educational opportunities, wide choices and enriching experiences. Our school takes pride in nurturing young people who are confident, articulate and responsible whilst providing the academic and life skills they need to successfully embark on further education and their future careers.

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