St Johns Park High School(聖約翰公園中學)

St Johns Park High School


St Johns Park High School also known within the school as SJPHS, is a comprehensive state school in Greenfield Park, New South Wales. It opened in 1978 and has a population of over 1,250 students. In 2002, the student population reached 1,238, 2015 the population had decreased to about 950 students. The school is located at Mimosa Road. St Johns Park High School is a large co-educational school which is rich in a range of diverse cultures.

In 2005, the senior students' HSC results were impressive, when 26 students achieved a score of either ninety or above out of one hundred in over forty-four subjects. Subsequently, St Johns Park High School came second on the list of top HSC scoring schools in the area of Fairfield City, following first place Sefton High School, who have been unofficially disregarded for being a selective school.[2]

St Johns Park High School, among its fellow high schools, is known for its strict uniform. Michael Juchau, St Johns Park High School's principal for ten years (1997–2007), was adamant in taking pride in the St Johns' uniform and Ms. French, St Johns Park's newest principal did not disappoint, being one of the leaders of the Canberra uniform movement. St Johns Park High School also has a tremendous reputation within the district, which has developed over a number of years for providing outstanding levels of educational services.

In early 2008 the school announced that a new motto: Safe Respectful Learners would also be used alongside the original motto, Know First Yourself. Banners with the new motto present on them can be seen around school grounds. However many students dislike the new motto and feel that the original motto is more honourable.

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