Fairfield High School(費菲高中)

Fairfield High School


airfield High School is a very diverse school where each student is expected to succeed. Our focus on College and Career outcomes helps our students achieve. Additionally, our focus on overall student outcome, as described by the Fairfield High School Student Success Traits, helps to ensure our students are prepared for post high school life. Parents, students, and all school staff work together to create numerous opportunities for students' successes. Teachers utilize a wide variety of teaching strategies in order to enhance the quality of education for every student. The administration, working with students, parents, staff, and the community, create a learning environment that is free of fear, violence and drugs. The mission is to ensure that all students are provided the necessary resources to achieve success. Fairfield High School is a No Excuses University high school where the staff makes no excuses to slow student achievement. The vision guides the decisions, actions, and financial expenditures. Fairfield High School strives to meet the needs of all students by establishing a positive environment exemplified by respect, support and inclusiveness of all students, where diversity is celebrated, by providing adequate resources to support learning, promoting exceptional communication, and providing a safe and clean environment. Our one goal is to graduate all Fairfield High students and to ensure they are A-G eligible upon graduation.

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